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Call Process Update

 Call Process Update / Survey Time!

Ministry Site Profile: The first step in initiating the call process is to complete a Ministry Site Profile (MSP) which essentially serves as a self-study of our church’s ministry, congregation profile and leadership needs. Prospective pastors interested in accepting a new call will review the Ministry Site Profile to determine their interest in applying to be our next pastor.  Therefore, it is very important that we, as a congregation, create as accurate, robust and comprehensive a document as possible. 


Congregational Survey:   The Council approved the final draft of the congregational survey at Monday night’s special meeting (07/09/18) and later that week, the survey was distributed to congregation members via email.  Additionally, members who indicated a preference for communication via U.S. mail and / or paper correspondence were mailed a copy of the survey. It characteristically takes between 5 and 15 minutes to complete the survey.  

Pastor Tom has graciously offered to schedule some time during worship services the next three weekends to give members time to respond to the survey.  Responses may be submitted electronically using the link provided in the email message or by completing a paper survey. Electronic survey submissions are preferable because the web site will automatically compile the data.  Paper surveys will be hand tabulated and added to the electronic data. If you have already responded to the survey – thank you, thank you, thank you!

Your responses to the congregational survey will inform 8 components of the Ministry Site Profile.  Concurrent with data collection via the congregational survey, Pastor Tom and the Council are working diligently to respond to the remaining 13 elements of the Ministry Site Profile.  Our goal is to complete the Ministry Site Profile and submit it for final approval at the August 13, 2018 Council meeting.

Please complete and submit your survey responses as soon as possible.  Once your survey is submitted, please use the time allocated during the church services to pray for our Trinity family as we work together to complete the Ministry Site Profile and wait with patience and confidence as God’s plan is revealed to us.

Sue Phelan

Council President

Car Show Volunteers


We are looking for volunteers to help hand out flyers at local car shows.

If you are interested please contact Becky Evers 708-935-4515