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Acolyte Schedule



Below please find an updated Acolyte schedule for the months of September and October.  On Wednesday, October 10 we will have an Acolyte Training to train “old and experienced acolytes” and the new students going into the 6th grade.

If you have a conflict with the date you are scheduled, please email the church office ( or Pastor Tom ( or call the church office @ 422-0193.

On the Sunday you are scheduled, Pastor Tom would like to meet in his office with the acolytes and others serving in that worship service 10 minutes before the service for a prayer.  Please be sure to be there in plenty of time. 

Thank you for serving your church in this important way.

Sunday, September 9
8:30 – Amanda Dole, Anna Enderle
11:00 – Cole Maranda

Sunday, September 16
8:30 – Joey Mayo, Peyton Enderle
11:00 – Neila Pirkl

Sunday, September 23
8:30 – Caroline Deiters, Araceli Bedolla
11:00 – Raquel Enriquez

Sunday, September 30
8:30 – Walter Fleming, Collin Smith
11:00 – Emma Faucault

Sunday, October 7
8:30 – Allison Dole, Christopher Fleming
11:00 – Vivian Jaworek

Sunday, October 14
8:30 – Ariel Bedolla, Jose Bedolla
11:00 - Eli Enriquez

Sunday, October 21
8:30 -Georgia DeRousse, Samantha Langowski
11:00 -Jesse Resendez

Sunday, October 28
8:30 -Anna Deiters, Corrin Smith
11:00 – Parker Donnan

Call Process Update

Call for Nominations / Call Committee

At the September 10, 2018 Council meeting, the Council discussed the structure of the call committee and would like the call committee to reflect our congregation’s demographics based on age and worship service attendance as much as possible. Additionally, the call    committee would be composed of 4 council members and 4 congregation members with the president of the council acting as chair of the committee.  The Council elected the following persons to the call committee:

Call Committee Member

Age Demographic

Church Service Most Attended

Sue Phelan (Council President)

46 – 65

Saturday 5:30 pm

Shelly DeRousse

36 – 45

Sunday 8:30 am

Ed Goodfellow

36 - 45

Sunday 11:00 am

Mark Peters

36 - 45

Sunday 8:30 am

Joan Buschbach


Sunday 8:30 am

We are in need of four additional members for the call committee. Consistent with Pastor   Legania’s recommendation, the council is highly committed to insuring the youth voice on the call committee. We are in the process of determining the best approach to including the youth voice (ages 13 – 25), hopefully with support from the Christian Education Committee.  Therefore, there are three openings left on the call committee.  We are in particular need of representation from the 26 – 35 age group and the Saturday 5:30 pm and Sunday 11:00 am services.  

Please submit nominations for the call committee to Lynn Thompson, Church Council       Recording Secretary. Lynn’s contact information is Email: and cell phone:  (708) 305-1495.  You may nominate yourself or someone else, but if you nominate someone else, please obtain their permission first. The deadline date for nominations is    Sunday, September 30, 2018.  Elections will be held at all three services the weekend of   October 6 and 7, 2018.  Pastor Legania will provide an orientation to the call committee on Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at 7.00 pm.

Please continue to keep our congregation in your thoughts and prayers.

Sue Phelan

Council President